FROM INDUSTRY EXPERT SIDDHARTH GUPTA, Director, Unidus False Ceiling Experts


FROM INDUSTRY EXPERT SIDDHARTH GUPTA, Director, Unidus False Ceiling Experts

With 19 years of industry experience, I have come across different ceiling styles and understood the need for false ceilings. This is especially true for offices as they’re traditionally thought to be dull, uninspiring spaces. However, as I have come to learn, there’s much more to this ceiling option than meets the eye. It is from this experience that I would like to share the following tips to consider. The following factors are key in selecting false ceilings that suit your office’s needs.
The first factor to have in mind is the acoustic performance that a false ceiling offers. Your space being an office, it’s important that there’s minimal sound either from impact on the roof or through transference. This is why an acoustic tile ceiling is a great choice. This type is usually installed a few inches below the actual ceiling. The method creates an air pocket which acts as effective sound insulation. The same goes for other false ceilings. The difference however, is that acoustic tile ceilings are modified to provide extra sound insulation.

The metal tile ceiling however, offers high humidity and moisture resistance. This is due to the nature of metals. They do not absorb moisture when correctly installed, therefore making them less susceptible to issues like mildew and mold. This makes for a very durable false ceiling that doesn’t need replacing as soon as other types may.

In addition, false ceilings come with the benefit of fire resistance. For example, gypsum board ceilings have a non-combustible core. Under high heat, they only release the moisture they contain as steam. This release is what retards the spread of fire. They’re commonly used in constructions that need to meet strict fire regulations. Metal tile ceilings are also very handy in fire resistance. This is because they are highly fire resistant.

Gypsum board, metal tile and acoustic tile ceilings are termite resistant. This is an important factor one should consider when choosing a false ceiling for an office. Termites are known to wreak havoc when they attack structures, usually wooden ones. Their presence could lead to the collapse of an entire structure. Moreover, getting rid of them is an inconvenient and costly affair. The above types are well treated so termites never come knocking at your door.

Perhaps the best news for any constructor is that these types of false ceilings are quite easy to install. This rings especially true for the modular tile type ceilings. They come as ready tiles whose main labor is in piecing them together. Their nature also means that there’s minimal breaking risk involved in installing them. The fact that they’re modular means that they will not crack or break easily.

The very installation of false ceilings comes with the benefit of saving on electric bills. For any company looking to run efficiently, this is a great relief. The ceilings are installed about a foot lower than the original ceiling. This reduces the amount of airspace that an air conditioner is meant to service. In turn, this means a lower consumption of electricity by the conditioner thus lower maintenance costs of the office.

The ceilings themselves also require very low maintenance. This is due to the durable nature of the tiles or board. Once correctly installed, one may go for years without having to do anything to the ceiling. The key, therefore, is in proper installation. The gypsum board ceiling is especially sensitive in this matter. Incorrect installation might lead to it absorbing water and creating a very unsightly ceiling. However, if well done, the company may rest assured that they need not think about their ceiling anytime soon.

In addition to these features, false ceilings allow one to customize their lighting as efficiently as possible. This is in terms of energy saving. Acoustic tile ceilings, for example, are perfect for this. Acoustic tiles with reflective white surfaces can maximize the amount of light within an office. The natural light in a space is maximized through these reflective surfaces, reducing the need for artificial light and therefore the energy used. They can also be combined with a secondary source of light. This provides the rays of light that will be bounced off the ceiling surface. At the same time, it reduces the amount of energy used by about 20%. This significantly cuts down on the office’s energy costs as well as contributing to going green.

The biggest question is definitely that of cost versus benefit provided by false ceilings. It is a question whose answer can be put quite simply, they’re worth every penny spent on them. The gypsum board ceiling, for example, is less cost intensive than the metal or acoustic tile ceilings. They, however, take much longer than the latter two to install. They’re also more susceptible to damage if improperly installed. However, based on all the tips listed above, whichever false ceiling one chooses to use, they are more than safe. The office will definitely gain in the long term from having the false ceilings put in. If you’re not entirely convinced about it, the following is one little advantage to false ceilings that nobody can pass up.

False ceilings are not only functional, but aesthetic. This is an important factor to consider because the ceiling of any space either provides a feeling of space and unity, or absolutely ruins the rest of the space. Their method of installation allows for creation of patterns, which in turn create a visually interesting ceiling. For any company, this can be a statement of uniqueness. They also allow one to hide imperfections like wires, pipes and beams on the roof. One can also customize them to match the aesthetic theme of the rest of the space. Simply, there are no limitations to what one can create with false ceilings!

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