We are the largest distributors of Gypsum Screws, POP screws , Hilux screws , Fibre Tape and Corner Tape. We have maintained quality standards, huge stocks and variety for the last 30 years.

Drywall Gypsum Screws

Black Screws used for Gypsum Boards installation and Plaster of Paris (POP) work. Black phosphated bugle head phillips coarse thread gypsum screw/drywall screws.
Comes in various length of 19mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm

dry gypsum wall screw

Paper Tape

Paper tape with small perforated lines for jointing of gypsum boards. They provide great finish and reinforce joints of gypsum boards.

Corner Tape

Metal strips on paper tape , this is used to secure the corners of the drywall partition systems made using gypsum boards, calcium silicate boards and cement boards. It helps in saving the edges and corners of the walls from damage and abuse.


Glass Fibre Joint Tape

Self-adhesive fiber joint tape for quick and easy application. It provides strong reinforcement and eliminates the need for pre plastering. Unitape Glassfibre joint tape is also used to repairs cracks and strongly hold jointing compound to the Gypboard surfaces.

Hilux Self Drilling Screws

Self Drilling screws for Fixing Cement Boards, Calcium Silicate boards. Comes in 25mm and 25mm. They come in silver finish and are CSK Philips headed.

self drill screw hilux screw

jointing compound

Joint Compound

Gypsum and based powder type jointing product with a drying time of six to eight hours from USB Boral and Gyproc India.

Ready Mix Jointing Compound

Ready Made , putty type jointing compound which provides the best jointing and finishing solution for gypsum boards, calcium silicate boards and Cement Fibre Boards.

ready mix jointing compound

Connecting Clip

For connecting ceiling section to Main inter channel securely.

Rawl Plug Fastners

Expanding type fastner which is inserted in the roof or the plenum to hang the suspension system.
They come in many sizes and different materials.

rawl plug fastner

Soffit Cleat

Also called the L Patti, it is used to connect the fastner to the ceiling angle to hang the false ceiling system system.

Butterfly Clip and Rod Hanger

Level Adjusting clip which had rods on both sides to hand the T-Grid framework.

butterflu clip and rod adjuster