Mineral Fibre Ceiling Tiles

Made using natural mineral fibre from metal and mineral processing,They are the most popular acoustic ceiling panels with different looks, textures and hole types. They come in various thicknesses and edge type to suit a variety of decor applications.

Available Designs :
Fine Fissured
Pin Hole
Dune Max
Classic Lite

High Acoustic Glasswool Ceiling Tiles

Made using high density glass fibre with a decorative face covering and tissue cloth lining in the back. These ceiling tiles come in various designs and edge details.
Designs available
Applications include auditoriums, cinema halls, home theaters, libraries, open plan offices and conferences and meeting rooms.

Acoustic Ceilings

Acoustic Insulation using ceiling tiles

To get the best possible conditions for working, learning and healing, good room acoustics is the most important thing to create. To achieve this, it must first be determined which activities will take place in the area and what the human sound preferences for that particular activity is. A concept is developed about what it takes to have a good sound environment; this is called Room acoustic Comfort. This interaction between the person, the room and the activity decides the room acoustic comfort which contributes to the human well-being.
For Offices: An attractive workplace requires a good sound environment
Just as any athlete requires the right training and equipment to perform at the highest level week after week, workers require suitable conditions at the office in order to keep performing efficiently.Improve the performance of the workers; Providing a healthy working environment is not only beneficial for the workers, but increases the efficiency and productivity of the company as a whole. By optimising the sound environment for communication and concentration in your office premises, you’re also optimising the company’s profitability and improving the company’s popularity as a workplace, which in turn can help you attract highly qualified employees.
For Schools: Optimising school acoustics for learning environments
Supporting student engagement via good communication: A quiet sound environment helps encourage all students to participate in discussions with speech at low levels and supports clearer listening within group work without the need for students to raise their voices to compete with other groups.Supports classroom management in a passive way: Allows teachers to be more proactive, encourage interactive discussions and reduces the need for repetition. Good classroom acoustics with lowers sound levels allow better directivity of sound, assisting the teacher to identify where a sound is coming from and deal with it more subtly before it becomes an issue.
For Hospitals and Healthcare Centre’s
Lowered blood pressure, Improved sleep quality , Increased wellbeing and perceived performance, Easy to Maintain & replace
Since this is a modular system it can be easily cleaned, replaced in a small area and maintained. This system also provides easy access to the plenum, the services above the ceiling like wiring, fire, sound , air-conditioning , ducting and lighting.
The tile systems are very fast to install. The 2×2 ceiling tiles system is mostly refinished along with the grids and saves time and money in painting and finishing the systems. the economical systems start at very low price points.
Environment Friendly & reusable
Manufactured using sustainable raw materials, recycled content and non toxic material, they are the number one option for green buildings.
These tiles can be moved, replaced and reused when undertaking renovation or relocation. This saves energy, building material and money.
False ceiling systems also help in reducing the cooling and heating expenses pf the area by reducing the open area for the air-conditioning.