Unidus offers awide range of acoustic solution which improve the efficiency spece

Acoustical Ceilings are specially designed to reduce noise by absorbing excess sound making it perfect for open plan areas. They  have excellent thermal and sound insulation qualities. They are also resilient, lightweight and dimensionally stable. A Variety of designs of U-Tone acoustic ceilings panelling  adds beauty to a range of buildings for controlled environments.

Exceptional light reflectance and thermal insulation reduces energy consumption. Multiple framing options maximise designing possibilities.


  • Open Plan Offices
  • BPO’s & Call Centres
  • Libraries & Auditoriums
  • Sports Facilities
  • Conference Halls

Home theater auditorium

  • Health Care & Hospitality
  • Retail Spaces
  • Educational Institutes
  • Multiplex & Malls
  • Airports & Public Areas