All About False Ceilings And Its Benefits

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written by Siddharth Gupta, Unidus Ceilings & Partitions

False ceiling, also know as drop ceiling or suspended ceiling, is a utility installation in various types of settings. Besides, they add value to the modern construction values and architectural designs. People have different preferences for false ceilings that are governed by different factors.
If you are Looking for getting False Ceiling done for yourself or some of your clients, you must understand the factors that are most considered by the buyers to choose the best designs for their respective installation needs. Here is a discussion on the main factors taken into consideration by people purchasing drop ceilings.

Types of False Ceiling

1. All Purpose Gypsum Laminated Tile Ceiling

Gypsum lay-in ceiling panels are tiles that are used in Offices, storage areas, warehouses, utility rooms,kitchens or food processing areas, or any other interior or soffit ceilings that are economical and attractive rather than acoustical in performance. They are supported by suspended ceiling grids.
These gypsum panels are durable and provide cleanliness to the areas. They are vinyl laminated to seal out dirt, moisture and odors. The vinyl surfaces are embossed and are quite stain resistant. They can also withstand repeated cleaning with damp cloth. Lighting efficiency is maximized because they have exceedingly reflective surfaces.
With the laminated vinyl finish, there is no more need for additional finishing.
The vinyl gypsum ceiling panels are also approved by many Government Departments . The panels are cut easily and can fit in standard suspended ceiling grids. Lightly rubbing the surface with damp cloth or sponge using soap or detergent will remove dirt and marks. Strong organic solvent cleaners and steel wool are not recommended to use in cleaning the boards.

2. Corporate Look Mineral Fibre Tile Ceiling

Mineral Fibre Tile Ceiling tiles are making great style statements in the industry of ceiling decoration and nnovation. Offices are increasingly using this kind of ceiling as a standard solution for all their false ceiling needs. BPO, IT, Cinemas , Restaurants, Nightclubs and some modern homes are also opting for designer ceiling tiles. They produce a vibrant and beautiful contemporary look to the modern ceiling. Using the proper lighting conditions with the ceiling can prove to be quite amazing. Many solutions are there in the market of ceiling tiles, which has made shopping for these tiles an easy task. Services provided with installation and special styling facilities make every installation a unique one. Special acoustic ceiling tiles are there in the market too, which solves the problem for commercial installation of black and white ceilings in theatres, offices and auditoriums.

3. Metal Tile Ceiling

Metal tiles are becoming quit popular with those who are looking for a special design feel and for a design that is not considered an common tile type they available where ever tiles are sold. Most We have a knowledgeable team which can answer your questions about the products we carry and what we sell and are glad to help.
Metal Tiles offer clean surface, easy to maintain, long lasting and impeccable finish. It can be reused again and again and relocated with minimal wastage. Metal Powder Coated Gi Ceiling Tiles are an ideal solution for kitchens, washrooms, Pharma, Healthcare and semi exposed environments like balconies, Prefab and site offices.
In today’s market metal tile is very affordable; however as with any product you can definitely find some very expensive designs and patterns. You will find that on a whole metal ceiling tile is an affordable choice to give your project the look you want with out breaking the bank. Set a reasonable budget for your project and you should be able to find some tile to fit your budget.

4. Rough n Tough Cement Fibre Tile Ceiling

Rough n tough cement fibre tile ceilings are available in variety of designs, using exposed grid design. These ceiling vary in terms of the embossed and premiered designs and plain looks. Exposed grid false ceiling design is the most common one most versatile designs.

5. High Acoustic Soft Fibre Tile Ceiling

High acoustic soft fibre tile ceiling panels differ in terms of Fit , Finish and sizes. For example, the two most common square Tiles are White Textured and Black Matt Finish . Different Customers and Projects might require the ceiling panels with different dimensions.Soft Fibre Ceiling tiles of Glasswool Tiles as widely known, are an ideal solution for home theatres, cinemas, multiplexes, conference rooms, libraries, recording studios, Auditoriums and healthcare which needs a quite and peaceful environment.Installation of these ceilings are so easy and don’t need any professional expertise that’s why some people like to install themselves while some prefers the professional help. In any case, people prefer to consider the ease of installation associated with these ceilings to choose the most suitable variety.

6. Heavy Duty Calcium Silicate Tile Ceiling

Heavy duty calcium silicate tile ceiling are installed which are made of natural materials. The next step involves placing the tiles inside the channels or the T-Grid Framework suspension system. The entire process can be completed easily and effortlessly. However it can be done beautifully and swiftly with professional assistance. The tiles are available in different Designs, Thicknesses and edges, and it can also be There are tiles in rectangular shapes which can be bought from Unidus and other Speciality stores.

7. Gypsum Board Plain Ceiling

Gypsum Ceilings are a popular choice of false ceiling and provides flexibility of design, color and layout for any type of suspended ceiling requirement.The gypsum ceiling can be formed to accommodate different points of the light fixtures. Down lighters can be placed in the room soffits. To get the different light effects in a room, the ceiling is designed to allow a hollow place to fit the fixtures. The wiring is done normally but with different switches. The recessed point is formed by cutting out the gypsum boards. Apart from the flexibility in lighting Gypsum Board or Drywall or Plasterboard ceilings also provide great aesthetics, sound and heat insulation and access to the plenum.

8. Perforated Tile Ceilings

Ceiling panels can be used in many different situations and for different types of ceilings. They are also suited for suspending in grid type frames. Apart from enhancing the aesthetics of a room, these materials will effectively reduce and even cancel out the unnecessary bouncing of sound off the walls and ceilings. These can be applied to office rooms, Commercial spaces, healthcare , hospitality etc. Hard surfaces inside the rooms such as glass walls, tiled floors, etc may look amazing but they cause noise problems. Once these panels are applied, they can be changed whenever you want.Reverberations or reflected sound can increase the noise levels very significantly in closed public spaces. This makes it difficult for people to hear what another person is saying. Too much sound reflection can also lead to an increase in stress levels. Acoustic ceiling panels will help reduce background noise. Background noise is especially irritating to receptionists as it makes it very difficult for them to focus when they are answering phones. It is also a disturbance to visitors who make enquiries. Even you may have sometimes experienced this when you are on a call with someone. It gets very difficult to understand what the person on the other end of the phone is saying.
Perforated Ceiling Tiles solve this problem by trapping and absorbing the sound.

9. Black Tile Ceilings

The black ceiling is quite common in movie halls, theatres, the office presentation room or the commercial kitchen. Movie halls and theatres require light concentration from projectors only on the screen or from spotlights only on the stage. The rest of the hall must remain in pitch-black darkness, thus black ceilings are quite common in these places. Office presentation rooms too do not desire light to reflect from the walls on to the projection screen or wall thus, here too, the back ceiling comes in handy.Black Acoustic Soft ceilings and frames are the perfect choice for areas requiring high degree of acoustic performance and studio or projection environment.

10.Clip In Metal Ceilings

Clip in Ceilings are a type of suspended ceiling – in other words an additional (or false) ceiling fitted below the original Roof. The System utilises an interlocking grid system and Powder coated metal tiles. This easy to install system has become a mainstay of modern buildings and the accuracy with which it can be assembled, combined with its durability means it is now a popular metal tile system.Range of Clip in Metal tiles is varied and most suitable for large span open plan areas like airports, stations, underground Metro, Healthcare and Hospitality.

11. Open Cell Metal Ceiling

Open Cell Metal Ceiling are made from power coated GI metal and used to create great visual appeal in any work environment. A suspended ceiling offers really easy access to the components above – you simply remove how ever many panels you need to and then replace them when you have finished. Much less hassle, mess and expense. The background in the open ceiling is usually kept black and provides a look of depth and space.They are very light weight and easy to maintain.You can either order customized ceilings or use readymade ones. However, you need to keep in mind the existing office designer the new layout before you install the structure. With even the most stylish design and expensive materials, something that does not match the office theme can be quite a disaster. But if you do it right, you get a false ceiling that is too good to be true! Get in touch with our experts to know more about the best option for your project, the real cost of material and installation charges and the benefit of each type of ceiling for your needs.

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FROM INDUSTRY EXPERT SIDDHARTH GUPTA, Director, Unidus False Ceiling Experts


FROM INDUSTRY EXPERT SIDDHARTH GUPTA, Director, Unidus False Ceiling Experts

With 19 years of industry experience, I have come across different ceiling styles and understood the need for false ceilings. This is especially true for offices as they’re traditionally thought to be dull, uninspiring spaces. However, as I have come to learn, there’s much more to this ceiling option than meets the eye. It is from this experience that I would like to share the following tips to consider. The following factors are key in selecting false ceilings that suit your office’s needs.
The first factor to have in mind is the acoustic performance that a false ceiling offers. Your space being an office, it’s important that there’s minimal sound either from impact on the roof or through transference. This is why an acoustic tile ceiling is a great choice. This type is usually installed a few inches below the actual ceiling. The method creates an air pocket which acts as effective sound insulation. The same goes for other false ceilings. The difference however, is that acoustic tile ceilings are modified to provide extra sound insulation.

The metal tile ceiling however, offers high humidity and moisture resistance. This is due to the nature of metals. They do not absorb moisture when correctly installed, therefore making them less susceptible to issues like mildew and mold. This makes for a very durable false ceiling that doesn’t need replacing as soon as other types may.

In addition, false ceilings come with the benefit of fire resistance. For example, gypsum board ceilings have a non-combustible core. Under high heat, they only release the moisture they contain as steam. This release is what retards the spread of fire. They’re commonly used in constructions that need to meet strict fire regulations. Metal tile ceilings are also very handy in fire resistance. This is because they are highly fire resistant.

Gypsum board, metal tile and acoustic tile ceilings are termite resistant. This is an important factor one should consider when choosing a false ceiling for an office. Termites are known to wreak havoc when they attack structures, usually wooden ones. Their presence could lead to the collapse of an entire structure. Moreover, getting rid of them is an inconvenient and costly affair. The above types are well treated so termites never come knocking at your door.

Perhaps the best news for any constructor is that these types of false ceilings are quite easy to install. This rings especially true for the modular tile type ceilings. They come as ready tiles whose main labor is in piecing them together. Their nature also means that there’s minimal breaking risk involved in installing them. The fact that they’re modular means that they will not crack or break easily.

The very installation of false ceilings comes with the benefit of saving on electric bills. For any company looking to run efficiently, this is a great relief. The ceilings are installed about a foot lower than the original ceiling. This reduces the amount of airspace that an air conditioner is meant to service. In turn, this means a lower consumption of electricity by the conditioner thus lower maintenance costs of the office.

The ceilings themselves also require very low maintenance. This is due to the durable nature of the tiles or board. Once correctly installed, one may go for years without having to do anything to the ceiling. The key, therefore, is in proper installation. The gypsum board ceiling is especially sensitive in this matter. Incorrect installation might lead to it absorbing water and creating a very unsightly ceiling. However, if well done, the company may rest assured that they need not think about their ceiling anytime soon.

In addition to these features, false ceilings allow one to customize their lighting as efficiently as possible. This is in terms of energy saving. Acoustic tile ceilings, for example, are perfect for this. Acoustic tiles with reflective white surfaces can maximize the amount of light within an office. The natural light in a space is maximized through these reflective surfaces, reducing the need for artificial light and therefore the energy used. They can also be combined with a secondary source of light. This provides the rays of light that will be bounced off the ceiling surface. At the same time, it reduces the amount of energy used by about 20%. This significantly cuts down on the office’s energy costs as well as contributing to going green.

The biggest question is definitely that of cost versus benefit provided by false ceilings. It is a question whose answer can be put quite simply, they’re worth every penny spent on them. The gypsum board ceiling, for example, is less cost intensive than the metal or acoustic tile ceilings. They, however, take much longer than the latter two to install. They’re also more susceptible to damage if improperly installed. However, based on all the tips listed above, whichever false ceiling one chooses to use, they are more than safe. The office will definitely gain in the long term from having the false ceilings put in. If you’re not entirely convinced about it, the following is one little advantage to false ceilings that nobody can pass up.

False ceilings are not only functional, but aesthetic. This is an important factor to consider because the ceiling of any space either provides a feeling of space and unity, or absolutely ruins the rest of the space. Their method of installation allows for creation of patterns, which in turn create a visually interesting ceiling. For any company, this can be a statement of uniqueness. They also allow one to hide imperfections like wires, pipes and beams on the roof. One can also customize them to match the aesthetic theme of the rest of the space. Simply, there are no limitations to what one can create with false ceilings!

These are only a few tips about false ceilings for offices. For more information on the company and myself, respectively, follow the following links:



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