Unidus Associates  has been distributing the widest range of specialised building boards for the construction sector. These boards are used for both Interior and exterior applications. They have different specifications and qualities which make them useful for different applications and environments.
Cement based boards , calcium silicate boards, Mgo boards, Cement bondewood particle boards have properties like moisture resistance, fire resistance, termite resistance and insulation.
They can be decorated and finished in various ways to suit each interior decorator’s or architect’s requirements.


Bison Panel is a cement bonded particle board which represent a significant advance in building board technology
It meets all specifications and environmental regulations for standards of durability, safety and economy
·Bison Panel is basically a Cement bonded wood particle board.
·The properties of the board are determined by basic materials Wood and Cement. Cement is weather – termite and fire proof, rot and fungus resistant. Wood is comparatively light in weight, elastic an can easily be machined.
·Board strength is obtained by reinforcing the concrete by wood fibers or flakes. By covering wood particles with cement, they are protected. Thus, resulting in a perfect reciprocal effect of the two basic materials cement and wood viz. Strength and durability of cement and workability of wood.

 Fibre Cement Boards

Available from : Everest E-Board,Visaka V-Board,Hyderabad Industries HIL Aerocon,Shera , SCG Smartwood
Cement Boards are strong, durable and efficient. Fibre cement boards are highly resistant to moisture, fire and termite and used for commercial, industrial or residential purposes. Cement Boards are a strong choice for dry wall constructions. Installation, replacing and removal and quick and easy. These boards can be finished with paints, veneer , Tiles or wallpaper.
They come in various density and thickness and sizes.Cement boards come in self designed, premiered and with different types of edges for different uses.these boards have a smooth grey finish, they are asbestos free and perform well in high moisture and wet areas.Popular application for these boards is Internal walls , commercial and industrial dry wall partitions, wall cladding and high impact environments and public areas.


Available from : Everest, Shera, SCG Smartwood
Cladding solutions for internal and external panelling. Made of cement fibre base and comes in many different self embossed designs and finishes. Available in premiered and pre-painted and polished kind of finish.It comes in various width and lengths.

Calcium Silicate Boards

Available from Ramco Hilux
Calcium Silicate Board is made of calcareous and siliceous materials and then reinforced with fibres. Hilux boards are a higher water and fire resistant alternative to gypsum boards.
Calcium silicate boards can be finished in seamless finishes and joints can be filled with jointing compound which can be painted or finished as per the requirement.
hilux boards are used for ceilings, ducting, encasement, partitions, panelling and lining.
calcium silicate board come in various thickness ( 6mm , 8mm, 10mm, 12mm ) and also in tiles form.these boards offer great termite and water resistance, they re light weight and strong. They can be easy cut and worked upon to give different shapes and finishes.

MGO Boards

MgO board is aa advanced building material which offers improved performance amongst various options like traditional wood, gypsum, and cement based products.
It can be used for a number of applications including dry walls and false ceilings, linings, underlay and cladding.MGO boards have high thermal and acoustic insulation properties, they can be seamlessly finished for a flush look and are light weight options for high performance interior decor work.

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