False ceilings are commonly known as dropped, suspended or secondary ceilings. These ceilings hang below the actual ceiling, which creates a gap for cables, wiring and duct work. False ceilings can also be used for sound absorbency, adding color to a room or adding decorative qualities to the existing ceiling. False ceilings may be used in areas where the ceiling is not level or in other areas where faults need to be covered.


All office interiors carry a unique theme and d├ęcor.

False ceilings perform a vital role in delivering acoustic insulation, thermal insulation, improving light reflectance, improving the efficiency of the air conditioning and therefore, help in saving costs.False ceilings for offices also cover the services, like plumbing, ducting for air conditioning, electrical wiring, computer network wiring, fire alarm systems fittings, cctv wiring and many more.False ceilings used in offices contribute to the aesthetics and cleanliness of the space and provide a net look which improves the visual appeal of the space.We recommend many kinds of false ceilings for different applications within the office.Depending on the site conditions, usage and budget, now, there are many options available.

Types of false ceiling suitable for offices:

Acoustic Ceilings
Laminated Gypsum Ceiling
Plain Flush Look Gypsum Ceiling
Metal Ceiling


Office and commercial spaces with high traffic under them or places which seat large number of people need to be addressed with care when false ceilings are concerned.The primary concern is easy maintenance, noise absorption, high light reflectance, good thermal insulation and access to services above the space.Modular ceilings are the only answers which deliver on all the parameters.

Types of false ceiling suitable for BPO/CALL CENTRE/ITES:
Acoustic Ceilings
Laminated Gypsum Ceiling
Plain Flush Look Gypsum Ceiling
High Acoustic Ceiling

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Spaces where there is a high level of humidity and frequent access would be required for pluming services, electrical wiring and maintenance, modular false ceiling is the only option.

Cement Fibre Ceilings
Metal Ceilings
GRG Ceilings
Laminated Gypsum Ceiling
Benefits of Modular Ceiling :
Hospitals and Pharmaceutical companies
Pharma Companies
Clean Room applications require flush look, seamless finish false ceiling systems.

Textile & Garment Facilities
It is important to maintain the humidity and the temperature in factories which handle
Ideal for spinning mills and facilities handling cotton thread,
The false ceiling for yarn factories have to be humidity resistant and rust resistant due to presence of humidity by humidifiers.

Ware houses and Factories

Auditoriums and Theatres
Acoustic Insulation in terms of CAC & NRC has to be addressed with great concern
Problems are Echo, Boom and deadening of sound at certain spots.
Home Theatres
We would recommend the following ceilings for Auditoriums and Theatre

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