U-Tone Resin Bonded Glasswool

Glass wool insulating material is made using glass fibres and binding material which gives it the shape of a wool blanket and it comes in roll and boards form. There are air cavities formed in the cotton wool like material which provides high acoustic and thermal insulation characteristic to glasswool.

UP Twiga and U-Tone glasswool come in roll and blanket form. They are Resin bonded and yellow in color and held together with binders for easy and secure application.

Glasswool Rolls come in 25mm and 50mm thickness and the following densities : 10kg/m3, 12 kg/m3 , 16kg/m3 , 24 kg/m3 , 32 kg/m3 , 40 kg/m3 , 48 kg/m3
Glasswool also comes with FSK ( Foil Skim Kraft ) Laminated for application in cir conditioning ducting and under deck insulation. The Foil help in preventing moisture and condensation from dripping below.

Glass Fibre Based Black and White tissue for panelling and covering perforated surfaces four acoustic applications.

Glasswool is used for acoustic insulation and sound proofing in Auditoriums, Cinemal Halls, Home Theaters, Multiplex, Conference rooms, Recording and sound studios, Libraries, large open plan offices and training areas.
Glasswool is used for thermal insulation properties in prefab houses, industrial sheds, homes, roof top rooms , under deck in factories and warehouses and wall panelling in heating and cooling environments to save energy and increase the comfort level.

Glasswool is used for insulating properties in specialised applications like Refrigerations, Automobiles like silencers, Audio equipment manufacturing like speakers, solar heaters, manufacturing process industry like pharma, sugar, spinning, boilers etc.
Now Glasswool is also available in finished Tile form for interior decor applications.


Rockwool is stone and natural mineral based insulation product.It has high degree of fire resistance, is very durable and is a sustainable and environment friendly building material. Rockwool provides a high level of thermal insulation for various requirements and usages. Industrial applications like industrial piping, furnaces, boilers, under deck and exposed fire applications.
Rockwool comes in various specifications like density, thickness, reinforced, laminated etc.Rockwool is suitable for heavy and extreme conditions like high loads and temperatures, flexibility, using with steel, structural stability and rough applications.

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