UNIDUS Pledges the distribution of Green Building Products with its prime concern for the Environment and for the safety and growth of nature and its resources. We pledge to only distribute building materials and equipment from environmentally responsible producers and manufacturers. We will not incorporate any building materials that emit harmful toxins detrimental to the health of the community or to the environment. To set the sustainable building standard for our industry to help build better communities and in turn protect our global environment with the corresponding green building producers achieving green ratings. With a prime concern for the promotion and reservation of the green initiative and building responsible citizens, businesses with the technical understanding and the foresight of an Global change and reservation of the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At UNIDUS, we know that we cannot prepare any business — our clients’ or our own — for the future of work without also considering the future of our society and our planet. It is our responsibility to apply our collective knowledge, talent and energies to the challenges we all face in our workplace, our communities and our environment.

We remain committed to making a positive impact on our world by investing financial and human capital in the issues that matter to society. In particular, we’ve focused our sustainability efforts on:

  • Promoting Green Building Solutions
  • Reducing the environmental impact of our operations
  • Providing a safe workplace while promoting professional development
  • Maintaining high standards of business conduct
  • Delivering superior service and tangible business advantages to our clients

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