The Gypsum Ceiling system is a monolithic suspended ceiling system that gives a beautiful, homogeneous appearance and smooth finish without visible joints. The system comprises a concealed metal frame work suspended from the structural soffit .Gypsum Plasterboards are screw fixed to the framework to form the ceiling lining. The lining is jointed or skim plaster finished forming a seamless surface suitable to receive most decorative finishes. The plenum used to route ducting and other services can be accessed by providing access panels. Curves, steps and various designer ceiling options can also be easily achieved using this system.

· This kind of Plain, Flush Look Gypsum Board Ceiling is the best replacement for conventional Plaster of Paris (POP) ceilings.
· We offer our clients an exclusive range of Gypsum Board False Ceilings. Constructed using quality gypsum (upto 98%), our range requires less water as compared to building construction. These ceilings are light in weight, water & moisture proof and are highly durable with high wear & tear resistance. Offered at industry leading rates, our range preserves heat and breathe by itself.
· Regular Gypsum Plaster Boards consists of non combustible core of Gypsum encased in heavy duty Kraft paper liner in either side of the Gypsum core provides a better Sound Insulation , Thermal Insulation & due to Its unique behavior it Provides a good fire Protection when exposed to fire . Regular Gypsum Plaster Board can be fixed to timber, metal framing and masonry works for ceiling partitions and wall linings, providing a high quality and economical finish to any interior projects.

Gypsum False Ceilings offer many advantages:

· Decorative / Aesthetic
· Enhancing the working environment
· Concealing pipes, wires, services etc.
· Provide Acoustic and Thermal Insulation
· Improved sound quality and light reflection

Typical Uses

· Various finishing solutions
· Covering materials for ceilings
· Surface finishing solutions
· Heat and moisture resistant work surfaces
· Niches, boxes, arc elements, etc.
· Wind boxes


· Residences
· Offices
· Malls
· Multiplex
· Parking
· Hotels
Gypsum boards are used for dry walls, internal partitions and wall lining.
available brands : saint gobain gyproc, usg boral lagyp
different types of boards available : standard, moisture resistant , fire resistant, abuse and impact resistant, acoustic, laminated.

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