Unidus offers a wide variety of insulation solutions both thermal / heat and acoustic / sound.Insulation can be achieved by using specialised performance driven building materials for both walls and ceilings.A combination of various infill and exposed material help in achieving the desired insulation levels.

          Thermal insulation solutions for :

  • Underdeck insulation for sheds
  • Insulation between the false ceiling and the roof to increase air-conditioning effectiveness.
  • Insulation in wall panelling to reduce cooling and heating load.
  • Glasswool and Rockwool used to provide a barrier to heat and cooling loss and insulate the area from external weather.

Acoustic Insulation solutions like :

  • Sound insulation using false ceiling in offices , conference rooms and meeting rooms
  • Acoustic Insulation using high acoustic glasswool tiles for ceilings for recording studios, cinema halls, home theaters and auditoriums.
  • Wall panelling using perforates boards, mountable panels for areas requiring high acoustic performance.
  • Glasswool and Rockwool used for providing sound barrier, backing and infill for partitions and ceilings for increased acoustic performance, reducing echo and noise.Products used : Glasswool, Rockwool, Ceiling Tiles, Building Boards, Wall Panels.
    Brands with Solutions : U-Tone, Armstrong, Gyproc, Anutone, UP Twiga, USG Boral, Aerolite and Diamond.