Drywall Partitions

Drywalls are the next generation of environment friendly, performance driven , speedy and in many cases economical substitutes to traditional walls. They can be used for interior and exterior applications and finished in a wide variety of choices to suit every requirement.

The procedure for installing drywall partitions s simple.

It requires GI framing to be done, Making provisions for load bearing equipment to be mounted on the walls, Providing sandwiched and infill insulation like glasswool for increased and specialised performance, Installing building boards on either sides, jointing and finishing using specialised tools and products like jointing compound and tapes. Once the finished wall is achieved , it can be decorated by painting, panelling, tiling as per the interior or exterior requirement.

Advantages of using Drywalls are:Speedy Construction : Since this is a ready made and modular system, the time required for preparation is cut down and is much faster than regular mason work. Provisioning for services like plumbing, electrical and IT/communications can be easily made while installing or even after installing of the said systems.
Environment Friendly: Drywall system do not require water for curing , are made of many recycled components and can be reused. this saves precious ground water and energy.
Less messy and ease of installation : Sites remain clear from unnecessary debris and left overs, since this is a very modular and use as much as required kind of construction material. No wastage and reuse of left overs make this a very value for money solution.
Light weight : planners can include drywalls in their designs of projects, and reduce a great deal of dead load on their building structures, thus saving on expensive steel and reinforcement of the building.Flexible layout is possible with drywalls since it becomes easy to divide areas using these easy to install and uninstall solutions. This maximises the use of the available space along with providing easy changes to the layout as and when desired.Performance Oriented drywall solutions like sound insulation, abuse and water resistant, space saving, half and full height, heat insulating solutions make possible to drive improved performance from building materials.
Drywalls offer specialised solutions for each area and habitat or usage of the space.Interior Partitions using framework and building boards for dividing space within homes and offices and any other kind of building floors. they are a better , cost effective, termite, fire, moisture resistant alternate to wood, aluminium or brick and mortar based wall solutions. Wall Lining for finishing off masonry and brickwork. Drywall lining panelling is a superior alternate to Plaster of paris, river sand plastering and cement based plastering. Lining walls with building boards increases the sound and thermal insulation of the buildings. This can be used along with metal framework or applying boards directly on walls using spacers and plaster based compounds.Wet Areas like bathroom, kitchens, pharma companies use specialised moisture resistant, water resistant boards which can provide the needed protection. For additional safety drywalls can be tiles or treated with specialised paints for required protection.

High Traffic Areas require abuse resistant boards which can withstand wear and tear. Industrial and factory areas, public areas and educational institutes use these kind of systems.
Exterior or externally exposed walls can be made using ready made wall systems. Solid wall Panels are used for this purpose and are comparable to brick walls in strength and insulation properties. Cement Boards are also used for such applications.
Products used : GI Framework, Channels, Building Boards like Gypsum Boards, Cement Fibre Boards, Calcium Silicate Boards, WPC Boards, Cement bonded wood particle boards and Solid wall panels.
Brands Offered: Saint-Gobain Gyproc, USG Boaral, Unisteel, Gypsteel Ultra, Everest, Visaka, Aerocon, Ecoste, Bison.