Prefabricated strucures

prefab building solutions are the futuristic solutions to many construction , building and renovation needs.they are the fastest to install, many times economical then traditional solutions, easy to setup and dismantle andPrefab building solutions provide the best performance as compared to many building products. They are fire resistant, water and moisture resistant, thermal and acoustically insulated and environment friendly.

It is possible to make changes in the design and layout of the site, have modifications and change the look as often as required.

Prefab provides the following benefits:   Popular uses and ways to deploy prefab structures are :

Green Building solution                             Roof top extension
Cost saving                                                    Portable huts and cabins
Quick                                                              Site offices
Legal                                                               Guard Huts
Demountable                                                Industrial sheds
Flexible                                                          Warehouses
Customisable and can be decorated

the above prefab solutions are made using the following products

Cement Fibre Boards
Cement Bonded wood particle boards
Ready Made walls
Solid wall panels