Ready made Walls

High Strength and very quick installation alternate of normal walls using the new and innovative ready made walls.
Ready Made wall systems which have cement boards on both sides and aerated concrete in the middle.
These Wall panels are space saving, environment friendly and the best replacement for brick walls.

Solid Wall Panels are lighter and can accommodate internal piping and wiring. They are fixed using steel frame and this solutions blends in all types of interior and exterior application.
After finishing the work, it is almost impossible to make out the difference between a conventional wall and these panel based walls.

You can install air conditioners , TV and audio equipment easily on these walls.
you can make full height or partial height partitions, prefabricated structures, roof top extensions, mezzanine floors etc.

you can finish these walls by painting, tiling, decorative panelling or any finish you want.

The Panels offer great acoustic insulation and fire, water and termite resistance.
Available in sizes : 8×2, 9×2 and 10×2 (feet) in 50mm and 75mm thickness
Brands available : Everest Solid Wall Panels Rapicon , Hyderabad Industries Limited HIL Aerocon Panels