We are distributors, dealers and solutions providers for many national and international manufacturers. Here is a short description about them and their product portfolios. Do get in touch for more information regarding their brochures, specifications, samples, pricing and installation assistance.
Saint-Gobain Gyproc India is a leading manufacturer of Gypsum Boards, Plasters & Framework.

  • Range of Gypsum Boards include Plain, Duraline, Fireline, Mousture Resistant MR, Sound Bloc, Foil Back, Core Boards & Quattro.
  • Ceiling Panels like casaprano, Gyprex, Granular, Dew Drop and Fulltone.
  • Mineral Fibre tiles under the name Celotex like Pin, Fine Fissured and Sand Micro
  • High Acoustic Panels from Ecophon like Focus, Advantage, Master and Combison
  • Suspension system and accesocries of Gypsteel Ultra make. Products like like ceiling section, perimeter, stud, grids and load bearing sections. Rawl Plugs, Connecting Clips, Soffit Cleat, Angle Beeds, screws and tapes.
  • Jointing and Finishing products like EasyFill Jointing Plaster
  • Plasters and putty like Elite, Bond It and Supreme
  • Ecophon High acoustic glasswool based ceiling panels in a wide gamut of colors and finishes.

Armstrong India is a manufacturer of acoustic ceilings, metal ceilings & suspension systems.The range of Mineral Fibre Ceilings consists of Dune, Classic Lite, Fine Fissured, Minatuff, Bioguard, Ultima. The grid framework consists of Prelude, Shadowline, Suprafine, Axiom etc.

U-Tone Acoustic Ceilings offer a wide range of mineral fibre Ceilings in various designs like Pin Hole, Fissured, Pintex, Finetex , Fultone etc, and different thickness and edge details for different aesthetic looks and applications. They are also paied with a wide variety of grid systems.
U-Tone Glasswool, Resin Bonded glasswool from U-Tone is available in various thickness and density. Glass Wool is also available with Foil Back which is also known as FSK. Glasswool is used in acoustic applications for noise absorbtion in areas like Home Theater Insulation, Recording Studio Noise Control, Multiplex Wall for sound control and barrier,Insulating glasswool is also used for thermal applications like dusting, under deck insulation, used in large machineries etc.U-Tone Laminated Gypsum Ceilings are the most widely popular, multi purpose, cost – effective and easy to maintain ceiling tile system. They are available in foil backed consition for greater moisture resistance, edge tapes for minimal exposure and an unbeatbale variety of over 12 designs. Unidus is proud to be the largest stockist and importer of these tiles and is on the way to become the leader in this segment.

USG Boral Gypsum India (formerly Lafarge Boral) is a joint venture between USG from USA and Boral from Australia. They have a wide range of environment friendly building products for ceilings and drywall partitions.They offer Gypsum Boards, performance driven products like acoustical panels,
USG Acoustic Ceiling Tiles are used in offices and are avilable in various popular designs like clima plus, radar, olympia and with Donn grid they offer great options for offices and commercial spaces.

Unisteel T-Grid Systems offers the widest, most value based and largest stocked ceiling grid suspension system. Range includes Powder coated ceiling framework in designs like regular 24mm, slimline 15mm, Silhouette 15mm in Black and and White colors, Heavy Duty 24mm grid , Black Groove Select 15mm grid & Full Black Grid.
Unisteel Metal Ceiling Systems have a full range of GI ( Galvanized Steel), and Aluminium based ceiling systems. There are Lay in systems with exposed grids, and Clip In systems with concealed grids. Looks are Plain , perforated and micro-perforated. Acoustical Fleece backed options for greater sound insulation also available.
Unisteel Sections and frame work for suspended ceiling and partitions. Products like Ceiling Section, Perimeter, Inter Channel, Ceiling Angle, Stud, Floor etc are offered for use with these systems.

Everest Industries Ltd manufactures cement based building products. Cement fibre Boards , Heavy Duty Boards, Solid Wall Panels, Siding Planks, Desginer Ceiling Tiles are some of the products manufactured and stocked with us. These products provide solutions in the following spaces:

Walls:- Wall Boards,Designer Wall Boards,Heavy Duty Wall Boards,Solid Wall Panels,Cement Plank

Ceiling :- Standard Ceilings,Designer Ceilings,Everest TEX Ceilings,Acoustic Ceilings,Grid System

UP Twiga Glasswool Insulation offers a wide variety of resin bonded glasswool rolls.

Rockwool is used for thermal insulation and provides greater fire resistance, they are resin binded rock fibre slabs and come in various value added forms like with fibre mesh, foil, tissue, FSK etc.

NCL Bison Panels are cement bonded wood particle boards and are used primarliy in Damp Places, Pre-Fab Construction, Wet areas and facades. There are two manufacturing plants one in north india and one in south india. Bison Lam is the pre laminated board which is used in interiors and is available in wide variety of fishes and thicknesses.

SHERA offers high end cement fibre boards, planks, wall cladding and pre finished exterior grade textured cement board based solutions.  Natural fibre are bonded with silicate and cement and autoclaved for superior finish and resistance from termite, pests, fire, moisture and natural forces.

Hyderabad Industries Ltd makes aerocon ready made walls and panels. They are sandwiched panels which offer ready to use environment friendly and economical  wall substitutes. Aerocon Panels are used to made external and internal walls and vertical partitions, they are pre cured, save time, energy and water. They are non messy and can take loads of normal household appliances. Available in 50mm and 75mm thickness they are fast becoming the products of choice for retrofitments, renovation and quick pre-fab construction.

Ramco Hilux offers calcium silicate boards and tiles used in moisture prone , clean and high impact interiors. Pharme, healthcare, hospitality and public areas benefit from these solutions. The boards are light weight, water resistant, non combustible,

Visaka Industries manufactures cement fibre based building boards and tiles. The manufacturing plant is located near hyderabad. V-Board is provides good insulation and low thermal conductivity. It is manufactured using cellulose fibres and through the auto-clave process. Available in various thicknesses V-Board from Visaka has varied applications like Wall Partitions, Mezzanine floors, Wall Back Lining , Prefabricated building systems, Substrate etc.

Luminor Commercial Lighting and Luminaireswhich offer CFL and LED based lighting primarily for commercial spaces like showrooms, offices, banks, BPO’s, retail, institutes, hospitality, healthcare, malls, factories etc. There is a wide range of 2×2 paralights, modular lights, down lights, concealed fixtures,

Uniscrew: Drywall Screws and Self Drilling Screws are used for fixing various building boards on metal framework for ceilings and partitions. They are also called hilux screws, Gypsum Screws, Black Screws & Chip Board Screws .
Unitape: Metal Corner Joint Tape and Impact Resistant Tapes are used for protecting cornerd of drywalls. They are used to prevent accidental chipping of the edges , corners, curves and end of the wall partition systems. Replacement for Angle Beeds , they are easy to install, can be curved easily, and blend seamlessly in the flush look of dry wall gypsum partitions or other board solutions. Only Unitape is available in both aluminium and steel options for more easy application and corrosion prevention. Our edge tapes offer the most value for money solutions.
Unitape: Glass Fibre Joint Tape and Paper Tape for seamless Jointing and Finishing is the best tape in the market. It uses the most strong and long lasting glue, is tear resistant, double packed and maintains freshness for installation. The width is proper at 50mm and density is 65, which is the best in its class.
Aerolite Ceilingsare light weight calcium silicate tiles. They offer superior moisture resistance, sound absorbtion, termite and fire resistance. They come in various designs like spintone, hexa, cosmos, quadra, diagonal, lineaer, fine fissured and plain.
Rockwool is used for thermal insulation and provides greater fire resistance, they are resin binded rock fibre slabs and come in various value added forms like with fibre mesh, foil, tissue, FSK etc.

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