But Not Sure Which Type and Design Of False Ceiling Are Perfect For Your Space?

False ceiling tiles Materials are all important that will impact the way your room looks.
Tiles may be made out of many different materials, including gypsum, PVC, mineral fiber, calcium silicate, glass wool, Rockwool, and even metal.

Unidus is a 37-year-old False Ceiling Tile Supplier. Unidus receive recognition from architects and other interior designers. On the basis of our premium quality false ceiling and fast delivery. Similarly, as a ceiling tile distributor, we are able to serve dealers across north and northeast India. Indeed our customers get the latest and we approach the most widespread false ceiling tile design ideas.

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  • In the same way, use the world’s first ceiling assessment and selection system GECAS SYSTEM.
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Laminated Gypsum

Acoustic Mineral Fibre

Cement Fiber


Calcium Silicate

Glass wool Soft Fibre

Gypsum Board Ceiling

PVC Plastic

Grid Ceiling

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8 Most Important Features Of False Ceiling No One Told You!

Acoustic Performance

Light Efficiency


Fire Safety

Moisture Resistance

Ease in Cleaning

Aesthetic Appeal

Ease of Installation

Benefits Of Modular False Ceiling Tiles

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Years of Industry-Leading Solution Provider


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Why Unidus is The Best False Ceiling Manufacturing Company

  1. However, India’s Largest Range with 11 Types, 91 designs, and growing.
  2. Specifically, honest Pricing with 100% Transparent knowledge sharing.
  3. Moreover ready Stocks of more than 12 lac square foot ceilings.
  4. Thus Guaranteed Savings of up to 30% on Fall Ceiling cost.
  5. In the final analysis Up to 60% Higher Durable Products.
  6. Additionally Free Consultation by False Ceiling Specialists worth Rs 2500.
  7. We are Armstrong Ceiling Tile dealers. Gypsum False Ceiling Manufacturer as well, and the largest producer of T grids.
  1. Likewise Dealer, Distributor, Manufacturer, Installer, and solutions provider for various brands companies. Specifically, brands include Armstrong, U-Tone, Gyproc, Unisteel, Everest, Aerolite, Visaka, USG Boral, etc.
  2. Furthermore specialized false ceiling solutions for Hotels and Restaurants, Corporate offices, Warehouses, and factories. Besides Multiplex malls and auditoriums, Shops, Banks, Showrooms, pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, and other commercial spaces.
  3. Just as with the support of our dealer’s contractor network and recognition from architects and interior designers. In the same way, we are able to serve our customers and grow at a rapid pace to have become the largest and most widespread ceilings supplier across north and northeast India.
  4. In a word Up to 25% Faster Installation by Trained Teams.

5 Tips to help you install a false ceiling.

  1. Of course, choose the right materials. Each type of ceiling tile comes with its own special benefits and advantages.
  2. Truly make accurate projections of the ceiling tiles.
  3. The color of the tiles also has some impact on the atmosphere of your room. False Ceiling tiles generally come in standard colors – white, natural, ivory, and brown.
  4. False ceiling reflections can reduce the need for lighting. 
  5. Too many rooms can suffer from a lack of natural lighting. Once your new room false ceiling is installed, make sure that you have plenty of light in that room. 


In spite of our 37 years experience. Currently, we have evolved a proprietary technological tool. Meanwhile, that helps to decide the right type of false ceiling which should be used in your space. However, looking at the frequent problems faced by designers and owners.

In the same way, the system takes care of 27 parameters that include weather conditions like changes in the environment. Also, energy resource consumption, aesthetics, light reflectance, sound insulation maintenance, and many such parameters. In contrast, it reflects in making your decision both intelligent and economical.

With the use of this system, we are able to provide a guarantee of 10 years on your ceiling installation and trouble-free ownership.

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  • On the contrary, one of India’s most experienced, oldest, and well-stocked Partition Suppliers.
  • In the same way Honest Pricing with 100% Transparent knowledge sharing.
  • However Ready Stocks of more than 12 lac square foot Ceilings & Partitions.
  • Guaranteed Savings of up to 30% on purchase Gypsum Board, Cement Fibre Board, Calcium Silicate Board, Ready Made Walls and other Partition System.
  • Free Consultation by Drywall Partition Expert worth 2500 Indeed.
  • Up to 25% Faster Installation by Trained Teams.
  • We are a Trusted Gypsum Wall Board Partition Solutions Provider and Distributor. We provide solutions from various Gypsum Board Partition companies like Gyproc, Everest, U-Tone, USG Boral, Aerocon, Unisteel, Hilux, Visaka, Bison, and Shera.
  • Solutions for Hotels, Restaurants, Factories, and Corporate offices. From Homes to High Rise Apartments and Libraries. Multiplexes, Shops, Showrooms, pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Banks, and many more.

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