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Grid ceilings are popular for use in homes and offices. Also, T-Grid ceilings provide structural support and enhance the visual appearance of the room. Here t-grid ceilings can be designed with a variety of finishes such as flat gold, rustic or white. They require precise measurements and should be installed by a professional.

Moreover, T-grid ceilings designs have become an integral part of our modern and well-designed interiors. Grid ceilings have evolved considerably over plain false ceilings that we saw before and enhances aesthetics. Thus, the performance of Lighting-design compliments the overall space design of your interiors.

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How Drop T-Grid Ceiling Installation Adds To Your Interiors:

  • First, t-grid ceilings improve Thermal and Acoustic insulation.
  • Truly infinite decorative T-grid ceilings possibilities.
  • Thus create modular & elegant surfaces.
  • High-design lighting possibilities with concealed wiring & lighting fixtures.
  • Meanwhile reduced air-conditioning needs with smaller air volume.
  • T-grid ceilings make a clean and distraction-free ceiling space.
  • Specifically, grid ceilings reduce the load. Perform better, and reduce installation time.
  • In contrast, Flexibility in design and creates a Designer T-Grid Ceilings look.

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Affordable T-Grid Ceilings That Saves You From The Problems That Most Designers and Owners Are Facing in India:

  • On the other hand, more than 63% make Incorrect choice of t-grid ceilings material.
  • Even more than 60% of the Site condition, environment, and Ceiling are mismatched.
  • Next unable to get heat or sound insulation from grid ceilings for specific applications.
  • 25 % more Frequent repair and maintenance requirement.
  • 75% chance of not getting the right value for money.
  • Not able to get the right suggestions from your Contractor.
  • 80% of the time products unsuitable for your site that create problems later.
  • 40% of buyers overspend on Duplicate and Sub Standard products.
  • Consequently incorrect Installation by inexperienced labor.
  • Finally hassle-free, quick, and economical installation.


  • On the contrary, one of India’s most experienced, oldest, and well-stocked Partition Suppliers.
  • In the same way Honest Pricing with 100% Transparent knowledge sharing.
  • However Ready Stocks of more than 12 lac square foot Ceilings & Partitions.
  • Guaranteed Savings of up to 30% on purchase Gypsum Board, Cement Fibre Board, Calcium Silicate Board, Ready Made Walls and other Partition System.
  • Free Consultation by Drywall Partition Expert worth 2500 Indeed.
  • Up to 25% Faster Installation by Trained Teams.
  • We are a Trusted Gypsum Wall Board Partition Solutions Provider and Distributor. We provide solutions from various Gypsum Board Partition companies like Gyproc, Everest, U-Tone, USG Boral, Aerocon, Unisteel, Hilux, Visaka, Bison, and Shera.
  • Solutions for Hotels, Restaurants, Factories, and Corporate offices. From Homes to High Rise Apartments and Libraries. Multiplexes, Shops, Showrooms, pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Banks, and many more.

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