Looking For Metal Grid Ceiling?

But, Not Sure Which Type of Metal False Ceiling is Good For You?

Metal False Ceilings are the perfect fit for use in homes and offices. The metal ceiling provides structural support and enhances the visual appearance of the room. Metal false ceilings are hygienic, easy to clean, non-extinguishable, and speedy installation. They require precise measurements and should be installed by a professional.

Metal ceiling panels can provide a very beautiful and classic look. They can be designed with a variety of finishes such as flat gold, rustic or white.

Also, Metal False Ceiling is a unique fashion statement to your space. The style of tiles that you choose depends on your preferences and what you want to achieve aesthetically.

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Plain Metal Ceiling.

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Lay-in Ceiling Tile.

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Metal Perforated Ceiling.

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Open-Cell Metal Ceiling.

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Micro-Perforated Ceiling.

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Clip-in Ceiling.

Get Metal Ceiling Details, Design Ideas, Installation Tips, And Latest Offers.
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GI Powder Coated Or Aluminum Ceiling Panel Is An Ideal Option For


Just as perfect for Airports, Manufacturing factories, Reception areas, Showrooms and likewise. In the same way, Food processing facilities, Kitchens, Restaurants, Cafeterias, and more. Nevertheless, Hospitals, Pharma, Medical stores and & so on.

Aluminum Ceiling Panel is the Best option for any place requiring easy maintenance, cleanliness, and long life.

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Conference Halls

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Clean Rooms

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Whatever Your Style Is, We Have Something for Everyone. Find your Match In Our Exclusive Tin Ceiling Tile Brochure.

7 Reasons to Buy PPGI coated – steel or Aluminum Ceiling Tiles from an Expert!

  • Emphasis on quality control of the raw material and technical specs.
  • Truly, in-depth knowledge of the installation of the product.
  • Accordingly, advice on maintenance and replacing the systems.
  • Besides the knowledge of the latest designs, technology, brands, and their benefits.
  • In contrast access to the latest samples and Metal false ceiling catalogs for choosing the right product.
  • Hence reliability on the right price and warranty of the products & systems.
  • In the final analysis, Metal false ceilings require precise measurements and should be installed by a professional.

For more detailed knowledge about Metal Ceiling Tiles, Please watch the videos below.


  • On the contrary High-quality Galvanized Steel or Aluminum.
  • Also, Pre-coated with epoxy-polyester powder.
  • So the G.I. is available in 0.40 – 0.50 (mm) and aluminum is available in 0.60 – 0.80 (mm) thickness and above.
  • Thus the products have standard perforations of either holes or squares.
  • The Materials are pre-coated with a primer and finished with a coat of silicone polyester.
  • Meanwhile, the standard color is white.
  • Backed up by a woven tissue cloth (fleece) to control Air and Dust. Moreover eliminates the risk of microorganisms breeding.
  • The gauge varies depending on the type, size, and configuration. Thus, the designing and manufacturing ensure superior quality of the finished product.
  • On the whole, Brands available are Armstrong Metal False Ceiling, U-Tone Metal Ceilings, Unisteel, and many more.


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Here’s a quick overview of metal false ceiling cost and installation tips.

  • The metal false ceiling panels you are going to buy must be an actual panel that the roof structure of your house design. Make sure that the metal paneling you choose is rust-proof and galvanized.
  • Most metal false ceiling panels will come pre-drilled for easy installation.
  • However, it’s always a good idea to double-check your measurements before installing.
  • Remember that you may need professional assistance to install metal roofing systems. So plan to spend some money to get it done right.
  • Therefore if you’re going with metal false ceiling panels instead of metal roofing systems. Consequently, you’ll need to install metal grid ceiling beams. So these metal beams will act as a counterweight to the metal paneling. Which is what forms the overall structure of the false ceiling.
  • The metal grid ceiling beam should be installed so that it’s at least twice as high as the tallest object in your room. The metal grid will catch any winds that might blow through your room and blow the paneling off, saving it from damage.

Installing a Metal false ceiling

  • Take your metal grid and cut it to the exact size of your metal roof panels.
  • Start by attaching the metal panel to the metal roof, using screws. Make sure the metal panel is secure as you need to have metal pieces sticking out to prevent it from falling down.
  • Use your nails or metal shims to fit the metal roof to the panel you’ve created. Then use a sealant to give the metal roof a watertight seal.
  • Finally, install your metal roof panels and metal grid ceiling beams and enjoy your new addition. You’re going to find that metal false ceiling panels really do add an amazing accent to any home. It’s a great way to protect your home, save money on energy, and add a beautiful look to any room in your home.


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Glass wool Rolls

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Drywall Partition

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T-Grids System

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Metal Ceiling Showcase

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